Festival season is back!

It’s always a good feeling when the sun comes out and festival announcements are on their way… A lot of festivals confirmed in 2018, but still not allowed to announce them 🙁 Here’s a video of one of the first festivals of the year: Parsidance!

Ready for 2018!

Every year I’m convinced that the next won’t be better. And every year I’m wrong. 😂 2017 was without a doubt the best Sakso year with 214 gigs (of which 1 on the biggest mainstage of the world, 2 on a beach and 3 on a boat 😋), new friends [ Read more ]

Mainstage Tomorrowland 2017

Last Saturday DJ Licious and I had the amazing honour to play the Tomorrowland mainstage! We never expected this and it was a dream come true! You can find the full set on YouTube:

New festivals announced!

Been a while since I announced some festivals, so here we go! I already told you about Summerfestival, Ostend Beach Festival & The Ark Cruise, right? Well, here’s some more: – Hype O Dream (Versuz stage) – Tomorrowland (Versuz stage & VIP every weekend, all weekend) – Dream Island Festival [ Read more ]

Belgian Pride

Here’s one minute of last Saturday’s Belgian Pride with PartyShakerz ft Jolene & Sakso! So much fun to play in the centre of Brussels with 5.000 people who just came to dance and have a good time!

Time to announce some festivals!

It’s time to announce some festivals! Here are the first five I can announce: 07/04: Daydream Festival (BE) 21/05: Groove Garden (NL) 01/07: Summerfestival (BE) 08/07: Ostend Beach (BE) 31/08: The Ark Cruise (FR,ES) See you at one of these, starting this Saturday at the Daydream Versuz stage! #moretocome #ilovefestivals

Wishing you a marvelous 2017!

I’ve been wanting to record this ridiculous track (and video) for such a long time! Anyway, happy New Year, everybody! May the 2017 force be with you!